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Keeping Tab of Vibes From Customers

April 9, 2008 | The Economic Times
It takes whole-hearted dedication and commitment to one’s work to move up the career graph. Abhay Umale, project manager at Nucleus Software talks to ET of the experiences and challenges he faced.

Can you give a short history of your background?

I have done my bachelors in science and specialised in Electronics and Computer Science. I also have a masters in computer application from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. I started my career eight years back with Nucleus Software in January 2001 as a software engineer doing internal projects with some major banks like Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. In 2003, I went to Japan to manage a project with one of the prestigious clients of Nucleus Software.

What has been your experience in the company?

It’s been eight years since I have been with Nucleus Software. During this time I have been elevated from the role of a software engineer to that of a project manager. The most important factor which helped me move up the ladder was total dedication to the work I was involved in. There were a number of challenges which you have to face before reaching this stage.

What is the nature of your work at Nucleus Software?

Being a project manager, I manage a critical project which comprises 15 applications. I deal with a team of 80 people involving different kinds of work.

What do you think are the ideal attributes that a person in your position must have?

An ideal team leader is one who is loyal, hardworking, focused and clear with his objectives and work. Apart from this, he/she should have a good rapport with the team and should understand the members both on the personal as well as on the professional front. I also believe that it is very important that a team leader should understand the customers.

What do you think are the ideal attributes your junior staff should have?

I feel that one should be focused on his/her work, keeping your customers’ interests in your mind. He/she should also having a clear cut objective in mind and properly communicate with your customers and colleagues as well.

Does work get to be hectic at times?

I do have a hectic schedule and it often becomes very difficult to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life. However, I believe that it’s an individual’s responsibility to maintain the same. I also believe that one should be flexible with time but not with your work.