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Nucleus Software’s Q4 FY 2023-24: Accelerating Momentum Amidst Digital Evolution in BFSI

May 24, 2024

Key Highlights of the Consolidated Financial Performance for FY 2023-24

➢ Revenues in FY 2023-24 at Rs. 826.5 Crores on a consolidated basis, a growth of 30% YoY
➢ EBIDTA in FY 2023-24 at Rs. 219.5 Crores on a consolidated basis, a growth of 41% YoY
➢ PAT in FY 2023-24 at Rs.191.6 Crores on a consolidated basis, a growth of 50% YoY
➢ EPS at Rs. 71.6 on a consolidated basis

Key Highlights of the Q4 FY 2023-24

➢ Revenues in Q4 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 210.3 Crores on a consolidated basis.
➢ EBIDTA in Q4 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 58 Crores on a consolidated basis.
➢ PAT in Q4 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 52.1 Crores on a consolidated basis.

Nucleus Software, the BSE & NSE listed, India’s leading provider of lending and transaction banking solutions to the global financial services industry, announced its financial results on May 23 2024, for the fourth quarter and Year ended on March 31, 2024.

The revenues on a consolidated basis are at Rs. 210.3 Crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2024, as against Rs. 206.2 Crore in Q4 of FY 2022-23. The PAT on a consolidated basis is at Rs. 52.1 Crore, as against Rs. 67.6 Crore in Q4 of FY 2022-23. PAT on a standalone basis is at 48.5 Crore, as against Rs. 66.8 Crore in Q4 of FY 2022-23. The EPS on a consolidated basis during this period is at Rs. 19.48 as against Rs. 25.27 in Q4 of FY 2022-23. The EPS on a standalone basis during this period is at Rs. 18.11 as against Rs. 24.95 in Q4 of FY 2022-23.

“In the dynamic landscape of modern business, Nucleus Software stands as a beacon of innovation, guided by our unwavering dedication to excellence. With our digital-first ethos at the forefront, we forge ahead, delivering robust and scalable solutions that redefine industry standards. Our unyielding dedication to empower financial institutions to lead sustainably and competitively is fueled by relentless R&D investments and our rich domain expertise of over three decades. As we navigate this final quarter and beyond, our mission remains clear to explore new horizons, maintain our competitive edge, and consistently deliver exceptional value to not only Financial Institutions but also end consumers of financial services.” says Mr. Vishnu R Dusad, MD and Co-founder, Nucleus Software

At Nucleus Software, our primary objective revolves around delivering substantial value through innovative technological solutions and platforms, facilitating comprehensive digitization characterized by robust functionality, minimal downtime, and effortless scalability.

Acknowledging the multifaceted demands of the financial sector, we prioritize customer needs above all else. Our commitment entails providing state-of-the-art technology; Through the implementation of ATDD and CICD, we strive to revolutionize software development methodologies, reducing release cycles by 40% while ensuring seamless alignment between software solutions and end-user expectations. Boasting over 520 in-house APIs, we guarantee seamless and secure access to the continually evolving financial landscape for all our clients. Our unwavering dedication is directed towards enhancing customer satisfaction and extending our global reach in the forthcoming quarter.

“With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, Nucleus Software has remained a pioneering force in banking/ financial services technology innovation since its inception in India.

The Q4 results stand as a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence in banking and financial services technology. Characterized by innovation, growth, and a steadfast commitment to redefining boundaries, this quarter underscores our dedication to delivering transformative digital solutions to clients worldwide. Fueled by our robust Intellectual Property portfolio, we once again showcase our expertise in driving forward the financial technology landscape.

As we look ahead to another promising year in the digital transformation of the BFSI sector, we remain deeply committed to our core values of Result orientation, Integrity Innovation, Respect & Collaboration. With each milestone, we reinforce our position not just as a provider of financial solutions, but as trusted partners empowering our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape”says Mr. Parag Bhise, CEO of Nucleus Software.

About Nucleus Software

Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Is a publicly traded (BSE: 531209, NSE: NUCLEUS), software product company that provides lending and transaction banking products to global financial leaders.

Nucleus Software delivers disruptive Fintech Solutions to 200+ Banks and Financial Institutions across 50 countries supporting Retail, Corporate & SME Finance, Islamic Finance, Automotive Finance, Captive Automotive Finance, Cash Management, Mobile & Internet Banking, Transaction Banking and more. We facilitate over 26 million transactions each day through our globally integrated transaction banking platform. Our lending platform manages US $ 500 billion of loans in India alone, and over US $700 billion of loans globally other than India, while enabling 500,000+ users to log in daily.

Our Flagship Products FinnOne Neo® and FinnAxia® are backed by 3 decades of BFSI domain expertise and an inbuilt AI powered platform to realize the digital transformation goals of FIs worldwide.

  1. FinnOne Neo®: The next-generation digital lending platform, designed to revolutionize the lending process. FinnOne Neo® is built on an advanced technology platform, empowering financial institutions to streamline their lending operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.
  2.  FinnAxia®: An integrated global transaction banking suite, trusted by banks worldwide to optimize their transaction banking processes. With FinnAxia®, financial institutions can efficiently manage their cash management, trade finance, liquidity management, and other transaction banking activities on a single platform, thereby improving operational efficiency, visibility, and enhancing client relationships.
  3. PaySeTM: The world’s first online and offline digital payment solution, created with the vision to democratize money. This innovative payment solution offers users a seamless and convenient way to conduct digital transactions, both online and offline, facilitating financial inclusion and empowering individuals and businesses.
  4. Nucleus Software Services: Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to assist banks and financial institutions in their digital transformation journey and maintain an optimal technology infratsructure. Through Nucleus Software Services, we offer a holistic approach to digital transformation, enabling organizations to deliver seamless customer experiences, achieve operational and cost efficiencies, and gain actionable insights to drive strategic decision-making.

These offerings collectively underline Nucleus Software’s commitment to driving innovation and empowering financial institutions to thrive in an increasingly digital world. For more information, please visit:

About Nucleus Software

Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. is a publicly traded (BSE: 531209, NSE: NUCLEUS), software product company that provides lending and transaction banking products to global financial leaders.

Nucleus Software powers the operations of more than 200 Financial Institutions in over 50 countries, supporting retail lending, corporate banking, cash management, mobile and internet banking, automotive finance and other business areas. Its products facilitate more than 26 million transactions each day, managing over US $ 500 billion of loans and enabling more than 500,000 users logging in daily.

Nucleus Software’s flagship products, built on the latest technology are:

FinnOne NEO™ : The next-generation digital lending solution that is built on an advanced technology platform.
FinnAxia® : An integrated global transaction banking solution used by banks worldwide.
PaySe® : The world’s first online & offline digital payment solution created with an aim to democratize money.

For more information, please visit :

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