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Emerging new IT Job roles in 2015

February 17, 2015 | The Economic Times

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The IT industry keeps re-inventing itself every two years, both technology and talent wise. From 2014 to 2015 not much has changed in terms of technology; big data, data analytics and SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics and cloud) are still the buzzwords. What has changed is the way they are used in IT jobs. Here are the new roles in IT organisations which are set to emerge in 2015.

Cloud Integration Specialist

As complex as it may sound, the role of a cloud integration specialist is to simplify purchases and integration of cloud applications and software packages in the existing system. More often than not, individual buyers (read leaders/department heads) don't check integration and compatibility issues. Companies are hiring integration specialists to get rid of these issues and educate leaders and employees on compatibility and what are the things they should look for before making the buy. A person to fit in this role should have a sound understanding of back-end systems and latest cloud-based technologies along with a strong IT background.

Skills: PAAS, SAAS and IAAS, Cloud Apps, AWS, Azure, PAS platforms, Cloud-Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-VDI

Average Salary Range: Rs 4-10 lakh*

Collaboration & Social Media Evangelist

Most IT companies are re-thinking their social media strategies to effectively collaborate with both internal and external customers. With the growing digitisation in business, IT employers have crafted a special role around social media collaborations. In this role the person is responsible for fostering communication and collaboration among teams using social engagement tools. The candidate need not be from a typical background and can be from behavioural sciences such as anthropology or organisational psychology. S/he also can be from functions such as marketing and communication (digital & social).

Skills: Social Medial Tools, Digital Marketing, Media Strategy, Content Strategy

Average Salary Range: Rs 4-7 lakh *

Information Insight Enabler

In today's dynamic workplaces, employers have plenty of data, statistics and information which is not yet used to their optimum level. If used purposefully, these data points can lead the way for effective business as well as people strategy. The key responsibility area for this role is to derive consumable insights from management reports and company data for business leaders as well as employees. This role is like a marriage between a technologist and a researcher. Candidates with experience in market research, data analytics, statistics and big data are perfect for this job.

Skills: Knowledge of Boomi Platform, SQL, WEBMETHODS, CRM Analysis, DBMS Architecture, Data Structures & Algorithms

Average Salary Range: Rs 6-10 lakh *

User Experience Guru

The entire game of enterprise software solution providers is based on user experience. It can break it or build it. With the market full of cost-effective enterprise service providers, sensible companies have created a niche role to deliver intuitive and innovative user experiences to have a competitive edge. In vanilla words, s/he is supposed to flash a 'NO' plank to all things complex, not user-friendly, poorly designed or will put off the user. A candidate who can combine knowledge of user-centred design process, tools and techniques with a dash of quirkiness is tailor-made for this role.

Skills: Application Programming, User Experience (UX) Designer, HTML5, CSS3, Software Development, Visual Design, Interaction Patterns, Information Architecture, UX Analysis

Average Salary Range: Rs 5-11 lakh *

Technology Broker

Gone are the days, when the IT department was a technical plumber for all things technology. IT used to take all technology purchase decisions, decided the vendors and negotiation. Availability of affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based apps have changed the game. From marketing to HR, all departments find these apps efficient to buy, but mostly they are willing than able. Here comes the technology broker who handles all buying decisions to make sure all purchases are sound, up-to-date and compatible with existing systems. For this role, candidates with experience in sales/business development, procurement or managing IT providers are suitable.

Skills: Knowledge of unified cloud provisioning, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), IT Management, Systems Integration, Project Management.

Average Salary Range: Rs 3-6 lakh *

*The average salary range for professionals with 2-6 years of experience. Source:

(With inputs from Rahul Agarwal, head-talent and leadership development & Nitin Sahai, lead BHR & head HR strategy, Nucleus Software)