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Careers in IT in an Uncertain Economy

September 4, 2013 | Times Jobs
Moderator: Welcome to the High Tea Session with Mr. Manu Arora, VP, Head- HR, Nucleus Software Exports Limited. Mr. Arora will join the chat at 3 pm. In the meanwhile, you can send your questions related to the topic - Careers in IT in an Uncertain Economy. Kindly note your questions will be moderated and sent to the celebrity to answer. Questions already answered by the Celebrity will not be entertained.

Mr. Manu: Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to you all. I am happy to get this opportunity to interact with you and thank TimesJobs for enabling this platform to share views and experiences. It is a two way learning highway and I am looking forward to an interactive session.

Rahul: When do you see IT job market going back to the growth track and generating good number of job opportunities?

Mr. Manu: Hi Rahul- The IT job market in India still has opportunities for skilled and bright talent. There is an overall mood of uncertainty in the economy but the IT sector is still confident of growth in this year.

Raj: How will increase FDI impact jobs in IT sector?

Mr. Manu: Hi Raj - There is a growing need of technology in many sectors in India as organizations across industries need to optimize their business operations. Growth in FDI would have a positive impact on demand for technology and domain capabilities

Neha: How do you think fresh IT graduates can get a career break in the current no-job situation?

Mr. Manu: Hi Neha  There is an increased expectation from the potential employees (recent graduates as well as experienced) to have a strong set of capabilities like leadership, communication, teamwork and analytical skills. In addition, a good overall awareness on the technology trends cloud, analytics etc. can be helpful as these are the new areas organizations are focussing on. These are essential capabilities we look for while hiring at Nucleus Software. It is not entirely a no job situation for graduates as companies are still hiring.

Arjun: Considering the slow job market, do you think one should stick safely to their current job or should they look out for better job opportunities outside? Please suggest.

Mr. Manu: Hi Arjun  Good opportunities always exist for strong and deserving professionals. The focus should be on the role providing the right experience. I would not think one should simply be looking for a change at all times but maximize ones learning in any role you play.

SHAILENDRA: As an IT Entrepreneur,what changes in IT Strategy do you think would be better to expand the horizon of businesses at the moment?

Mr. Manu: Hi Shailendra  The IT strategy has to contribute to shareholder value both within and outside the organization. IT investments should aim at enhancing customer experience, minimize cost and maximise the efficiencies in the organization.

Kalim: How do you see growth for HR professionals in IT industry? Which other industries do you suggest?

Mr. Manu: Hi Kalim  The HR fraternity has tremendous opportunity to strengthen the bonds that keep an organization together and poised for growth. From ensuring that the right talent is inducted into the organization to the focus on employee engagement and internal learning interventions, HR plays the most crucial part in consulting the line organization. All industries have a strong need for this capability

Aadil: What do you expect from a candidate while hiring for your company?

Mr. Manu: Hi Aadil: Thanks for that question. At Nucleus Software we have a strong focus on ensuring that we get the right blend of technology, domain and leadership skills along with a strong value system.

Vikram: There is a growing need of technology in BFSI Vertical in specific to India as industry need to optimize their business operations & growth accordngly - which also influences Opportuinities & Job Market - what's ur take on that ?

Mr. Manu: Hi Vikram  This is very true. The BFSI sector has a strong need to invest in and strengthen the technology supporting the business. This gives rise to a higher need of technical expertise with a blend of industry knowledge, increasing the demand for such skills in the job market.

Garima: What would you say are the high end jobs in the IT industry currently that would attract a good package and good growth?

Mr. Manu: Hi Garima  Organizations typically pay for roles as per the experience and expertise one has in any field one chooses. Thus, one should focus on gaining the right experience and invest in self-development to add to the value one brings to the organization. This would ensure personal growth.

shakun: Hello Manu, What do you say for the growth of the employee in the IT industry currently if belongs to non-IT background?

Mr. Manu: Hello Shakun  Technology or functional skills can be common across industries and if one has the right capabilities, it should not hamper growth or restrict opportunities.

Rachit: Which basic behavioral skills, apart from the core domain knowledge, do fresh IT graduates need to develop and hone to enhance their employability prospects?

Mr. Manu: Hi Rachit- The fundamental behavioural or soft skills one must focus on are  leadership, communication, openness to learn and analytical abilities. These would be critical to succeed in a diverse workplace.

Satheesh: Hello Manu, Do fall of rupee against dollar have impact on Indian IT employability? or does it have independent path?

Mr. Manu: Hi Satheesh  I dont think there is a connection between the rupee status vis-à-vis the dollar and ones employability. Good talent is always in demand
Harsha: Can you give some tips on how to prepare for a job interview, especially in times of uncertainty when getting a job becomes tough?

Mr. Manu: Hi Harsha  While appearing for any interview one must be confident of ones experience and understand the organization and the role you are applying for. It always helps to be yourself while establishing a connect with the hiring company. I would say one should prepare well irrespective of the market situation.

Vivek: Will there be an impact of slowdown on IT job opportunities being generated outside India? Will companies cut down on the onsite jobs?

Mr. Manu: Hi Vivek- Companies do prefer to have a healthy onsite offshore mix to maintain healthy margins. However, with the IT export market growing, the opportunities should continue to exist.

Sumit: Which other industries, apart from IT industry, do you suggest to IT professionals for better career growth?

Mr. Manu: Hi Sumit  There is a strong need for technology in multiple sectors like telecom, health-care, governance, etc. which provides for career opportunities to technology professionals.

Moderator: Thanks everyone for taking out time to participate in the session. Hope the session was useful for you. We apologize that due to time constraint, Mr. Arora could not answer all questions. The chat transcripts of the session will be made available for your future read, soon on the site.

Mr. Manu: A warm thanks to all the participants for bringing up relevant points for discussion and increase my learning as well. It was a pleasure interacting with you and hope you found the session valuable. I wish you all the best for a successful career journey ahead! Regards