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FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System

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100+ customers use Nucleus Software's Loan Origination module

FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System (CAS)

Product Module Overview

FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System (CAS) is a comprehensive loan origination software which controls and automates various business processes/activities performed in processing of a loan or credit card application for advanced risk management and business process optimization. FinnOne Neo CAS allows financial institutions to integrate various processes for acquisition and pre-disbursal. It supports the entire acquisition lifecycle from customer walk-in to decision by the underwriter for the disbursement. Additionally, it allows online credit evaluation and if desired, automatic credit evaluation of the application and processing till disbursement initiation.

FinnOne Neo CAS supports both cloud and on-premise deployments. It can be deployed quickly in partnership with leading cloud providers without high upfront capital expenditure. Cloud deployment provides flexibility in scale while optimizing costs by supporting pay-per-use models.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

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Business Benefits

  • Business process automation
    Eligibility calculator with pre-defined rules to reduce dependency on manual intervention and configurable Business Rules Engine
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
    Allowing users to add items as ‘Favourites’; automated alert/ e-Mail to task-owners
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    Initiation of loan applications through multiple delivery channels; end to end processing of an application
  • Reduced time-to-market
    Quicker & easier product & scheme creation/ changes
  • Interface with Credit Bureaus
    Interfacing with multiple Credit Bureaus to optimize the credit appraisal process
  • Fraud detection
    Enables banks to search an internally managed fraud repository or external negative list of customers


Functional Details

FinnOne Neo CAS is a flexible and robust loan origination software, which supports multiple lines of business and its architecture allows easy integration with third-party systems. FinnOne Neo CAS includes all the essential tools required by a lender in loan origination process:

  • Dynamic and robust workflow engine: Define workflows as per the product and scheme
  • User defined interface: Inclusion of dynamic forms and configuration of user-defined validations with robust rule engine
  • End-to-end audit trail for all major changes
  • De-dupe: Perform search on the defined data set such as customer information, credit application information and databases
  • Policy management: Define the risk and credit policy rules and automatically perform a policy check on the applications
  • Process automation: Automate the decision process of a human underwriter
  • Exposure Calculation: Calculate customer’s total exposure across multiple loans
  • Complex business processes: Supports procedures such as Moratorium, Balance Transfer for internal/external loans and multiple disbursal support
  • Field Investigation automation: Automate field investigation initiation/waiver/allocation based on rules
  • Limit Management: Customers can modify the sanction amount, loan limit amount, limit expiry date; customize loan withdrawal amount, repayable and re-drawn loan amounts based on loan-type and frequency

  • Omni-Product in a single loan application: Multiple loan products can be sourced in a single loan application

  • Flexible Repayment Frequency: Daily, weekly & bi-weekly repayment frequencies supported for both, single & multi-disbursals

    • Real time updation: Through geo-tagging, real time updation of field investigation status
    • Configurable System: Supports workflow, communication and policies configurations
    • Straight Through Processing: End-to-end automation capabilities such as Ekyc, credit approval, auto-authorization of instrument details and automatically fetching banking details from 3rd party systems
    • Split loans: Provision of creating two loans in the same loan application booked on different rate types

    • Credit approval on e-mail: Underwriters can provide credit approval over e-mails on-the-go
    • Calculation of application TAT: Provision for calculating and displaying the application TAT in addition to stage wise TAT
      • Karza integration: Digitizing authentication and enabling faster credit decisioning
      •  Financial Lease:  Capabilities include handling both graded and equated rentals, defining repayment parameters etc.
      • Collateral Management System: Manage the complete collateral lifecycle seamlessly with a consolidated view of collaterals across the organization
      • Serviceability computation: Assess the ability of a borrower to repay the loan as per their financial position
      • Digital video KYC integration: Boost digital business growth with loan customer onboarding in minutes over Video KYC as per regulatory norms

      • Multi property assist: Financial institutions can source multiple primary properties in a single application.
      • Operating lease: Handle criticalities of operating lease for moveable assets including consumer/commercial vehicle, commercial and farm equipment efficiently

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Technical HighLights

FinnOne Neo CAS is designed by adopting the latest technological stack; offering SOA architecture. This aids in customization and interfacing with other application in the enterprise eco system and enables straight through processing. FinnOne Neo CAS provides

  • Responsive User Interface: Smart, modern and responsive for best view
  • Cloud Ready: Operating system and database independent; Multi-device Support
  • User Access management: Integrated with a central SSO system to leverage single sign on and central identity management

Line of business covered