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FinnOne Neo Digital Portal

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FinnOne Neo Digital Portal

Web / Online based loan origination and loan servicing software

Product Module Overview

FinnOne Neo Digital Portal is a web based solution where bank’s customers can apply for new loans and self-service existing loans digitally and conveniently.

  • FinnOne Neo

The portal can be easily tailored with multiple frontend configurations to meet the lenders requirements for personalized customer experiences. We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

FinnOne Neo Digital Portal includes eApply, which enables banks and other financial institutions to offer convenient customer on-boarding and accept digital loan applications without requiring their customers to visit a branch. eApply, with its multi LOB support for consumer vehicle, personal loan, mortgage, loan against property, credit card and more provides with an end to end loan application solution for end customers. This makes loan application data entry super easy for the end customers without any intervention from lenders. eApply powered with ready FinTech integrations enables customers to calculate affordability, get real time bureau scores, perform eKYC, validate ID cards, perform amortization, repayment calculations, HEM based living expenses data, need analysis checks and upload image of the applicants and necessary documents based on the chosen loan type. The uploaded images automatically synchronize with the content management solution on submission.

FinnOne Neo Digital Portal includes eServe, which enables banks and other financial institutions to offer convenient and comprehensive self-service capabilities to their loan customers. The web based solution allows the bank’s loan customers access basic reports such as account statement, payment details and repayment schedule reducing the need of overhead expenditures for customer servicing. Customers can have access to loan cancellation simulation, report view for change in instalment amount, tenure, due date, part prepayment and foreclosure. The solution comes with with ready integration with payment gateways for overdue amount payment.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost of sourcing and servicing
    Reduced branch footfalls and higher digital transactions
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Faster and simpler loan processing
  • Higher customer satisfaction
    Quick, convenient and transparent customer experience
  • Increased business reach
    Extended reach beyond the traditional channels
  • Enhanced risk management
    Automated checks with credit bureaus and income tax details

Functional Details

FinnOne Neo Digital Portal for loan self-sourcing (eApply) enables banks and other financial insitutions to digitize their loan origination. key features include:

    • On-the-go affordability check
    • Loan application self-sourcing
    • Social media integration for populating applicant information
    • Primary loan approval
    • Resume application option
    • Instant credit check with credit bureau integration
    • Real-time application status check and submission
    • Integration with base loan origination system
    • Pre-approved offers
    • Bank statement analyzer
    • Comprehensive amortization calculator
    • ‘Household Expenditure Measure’ based calculation facility
    • Dynamic form for Need Analysis
    • Multi-product package loan application
    • Split loan facility
    • Multiple asset/employment capturing
    • Customer tool tip facility
    • Mortgage affordability check

FinnOne Neo Digital Portal for self-service (eServe) enables banks and other financial insitutions to provide comprehensive self service capability to their loan customers. key features include:

    • Consolidated dashboard
    • Generation of reports such as loan statement
    • Straight through processing for partial repayment, foreclosure, changes in repayment tenure, installment amount and due date
    • Customer service request registration and tracking
    • View/Email LOD reports
    • Reports on WhatsApp

Lines of business covered