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FinnOne Neo Sales Assist

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FinnOne Neo Sales Assist

Customers today prefer connected digital experiences, real-time transactions and on-the spot availability of banking services as a part of their activities. They also seek simple, easy and fast access to credit while completing their purchase transactions in retail stores and automobile dealerships. Lenders need to create a perfectly integrated digital ecosystem to simplify and enhance the lending experience of these customers outside their branch networks.

FinnOne Neo Sales Assist is a web based loan customer on-boarding solution designed for field staff of banks and other financial institutions engaged in sale of credit outside the physical branch network. The front-end solution caters to a wide variety of loan products such as personal loans, auto loans, housing loans, loans against property, credit cards and consumer durable loans. FinnOne Neo Sales Assist incorporates light and advanced technology architecture, combined with a smart and intuitive user interface that enables the field staff to source high quality credit leads – quickly and accurately.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

  • FinnOne Neo

FinnOne Neo Sales Assist is designed to help lenders deploy their customer facing field staff for loan origination at locations such as retail stores and automobile showrooms where customers purchase goods and may be requiring on-the-spot finance. The field staff are provided with necessary tools for a successful end to end loan sourcing cycle from affordability check, easy data entry, document upload support, instant notification and extensive loan application status tracking. The solution helps provide a simple, integrated and customer centric experience by bridging the gap between the purchase transaction and access to credit from a lender.

Sales Assist is power packed with multiple FinTech integrations through APIs such as credit bureaus, PPSR Asset Search, Global X, Glass Guide, VIX verifications for KYC and Green ID checks, real time Sensis address component, bank statement analyser. All these integrations are key enablers and differentiators for lender to process the loan application on the ground with more rationality and delivering better customer experience. The intuitive dashboard increases the business user’s productivity by providing option to search and work on previously initiated leads, quick access to query management, access to key fact sheet and quick EMI and amortization calculations.

Business Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction
    Enhanced customer reach with faster onboarding
  • Reduced risk
    Integrated, automated credit checking
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Paperless loan sourcing with intuitive UI/UX
  • Reduced turnaround time
    Approval/Rejection of cases at the point of purchase
  • Rapid Deployment
    Seamless integration through APIs

Key features

FinnOne Neo mApply includes the following features:

  • Paperless loan sourcing
  • Enhanced UI / UX
  • Instant credit checks with Credit Bureau integration
  • Query module for agents and back office team
  • EMI calculator
  • Copy applicant details functionality
  • OTP based mobile number verification
  • Multiple asset and collateral capturing
  • Seamless integration for customer identity verification
  • Household Expenditure Measure’ based calculation facility
  • Dynamic form for Need Analysis
  • Multiple employment capturing facility
  • Application status enquiry
  • Split loans facility
  • Omni- channel experience
  • Balance Transfer/Top up support
  • Multi property support for home loans
  • Auto populate interest rate based on Risk based pricing matrix
  • Valued added product sourcing
  • Screenshot control

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