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FinnOne Neo Geo Tracker

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FinnOne Neo Geo Tracker

FinnOne Neo Geo Tracker is an advanced web-based location tracking solution designed to leverage the power of data to enhance the efficiency of financial institutions’ field operative agents engaged in loan origination, loan collections and microfinance operations. The solution enables real-time tracking of a number of parameters including user’s location, route taken, distance traveled, activities performed, and mobile battery percentage. Additionally, the application provides details on historical reports across users activities performed on an application across the loan life cycle with location.

Geo tracker provides support for Multiple Maps related service providers such as Google Maps and Map My India. Along with lending functions tracking mechanism, Geo Tracker helps other businesses to leverage the solution for map based reports such as Pin code potential, village hamlet potential and cross sell potentials helping Financial institutions to recognize unknown opportunities.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

  • FinnOne Neo


  • Boost Productivity with Insights
    Significant business insights to drive efficiency
  • Manage Risk Better
    Better compliance by tracking exact locations
  • Track Securely and Flexibly
    Robust security platform for real-time tracking
  • Enhance Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
    Uploading of external data for optimizing efforts

Key features

FinnOne Neo Geo Tracker includes the following features:

  • Last location report
  • Location history report
  • Loan application tracking facility
  • Flexibility to use multiple maps
  • Idle time and time spent reports
  • Cross sell potential report
  • Data uploading functionality
  • Hierarchical based report monitoring
  • Iffy Transaction time and location Also, it is now integrated with mCAS
  • Access to reports on multiple formats
  • Map based delinquent Case allocation

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