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FarEdge Sentimental Analysis

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FarEdge Anomaly Detector

FarEdge Sentimental Analysis

Product Module Overview

FarEdge is a comprehensive analytics solution enabling banks to extract, analyze, interpret and transform their business data in order to detect fraudulent and dual transactions early and proactively act on it. Banks can discover triggers and situational interactions that are likely to produce fraudulent activity - empowering them to stop fraud in its tracks while saving both time and costs. The fast and highly interactive platform can simultaneously integrate with multiple applications at the same time through synchronous and asynchronous channels. It also has the capability of processing bulk transactions swiftly by maintaining a separate data warehouse and being loosely coupled from the main business application.

Business Benefits

  • Provides Real-Time Automated Anomaly Detection.
  • Detects Unusual Behaviors which are missed during traditional analytics methods
  • Highly Flexible And Scalable Solution
  • Loosely Coupled From The Main Business Application
  • Can Integrate With Multiple Applications At The Same Time
  • No Infrastructure Management Requirements


Flexible and Smart Approach

  • Machine Learning based payments anomaly detector for detecting frauds
  • Provides Intelligent Transaction Enquiry (Smart Search) feature to fetch data from the system database in just less then seconds
  • Provides Browser Fingerprinting by creating and maintaining device identities for authorized users, in order to check and validate the potential login frauds
  • Provides Stop Payment feature with rule based methodology to stop any potential fraudulent transactions
  • Provides Severity of anomalies based on the required checks in the system
  • Double debit transaction detection based on configuration
  • Comprehensive and highly interactive dashboard with charts and graphs
  • High performance data storage with a built in search engine for analytics