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FinnAxia Advisory Services

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FinnAxia Advisory Services

FinnAxia Advisory Services


As a pioneer in retail and corporate banking software since 1986, Nucleus Software has combined deep expertise with an unprecedented track record and a total commitment to building lasting partnerships with our customers. Having completed transformation projects with banks all over the world, we have gained an in-depth understanding of corporate needs in terms of payments and cash management. As a result, we’re ideally positioned to help financial institutions develop innovative solutions and compelling value propositions that will enable you to become the transaction banking partner of choice for your customers.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the financial services industry.

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Advisory Services cover the complete transaction banking business cycle

  • Showcasing the Right Product Portfolio
  • Enabling Your Sales Team
  • Executing Your GTM Strategies
  • Targeting Your Key Customers


Advisory Services

  • Showcasing the Right Product Portfolio: Our team can help you define your transaction banking portfolio services that will meet your customers’ needs – taking into account the markets and customer profile you are targeting. In essence, the portfolio proposed to a multinational corporate customer would be different to ones proposed for an SME customer- since their transaction banking requirements would not be the same.

  • Enabling Your Sales Team: Post the product training provided to the bank’s sales and relationship management teams, our team of experts will help you define the sales pitch and identify the primary value proposition. This would enable your teams to better articulate the key messages they take to their customers. We can also help you set "Digitization KPIs" for your Relationship Managers/Sales team members so that tangible benefits from the digitization initiative can be targeted and driven internally. In addition, business heads will receive assistance in organizing internal corporate digitization campaigns to enhance visibility and recognition based on results.

    Business heads will also be provided dashboards to probe any revenue leakages due to account balances being moved out by your customers to their other (typically foreign) banks for their transactions to be processed from there.

  • Executing Your GTM Strategies: Our team can guide your marketing team in executing different types of events- be it a product launch involving a cluster of prospects or a roadshow for a specific customer- to promote your solutions in the market. Your team will receive assistance in creating market facing collaterals, drafting positioning messages and devising innovative launch strategies to highlight your strengths in the corporate banking space.

    With Gartner recently rating FinnAxia as leaders in areas such as customer on boarding, financial institutions can leverage our expertise to review operational procedures- both from customer experience as well as risk mitigation standpoint - around the aforementioned areas. That will maximise the usage and stickiness of your customers using the TB platform thereby ensuring earlier payback period and higher RoI.

    Nucleus will also collaborate with financial institutions to nominate their TB platform implementation for awards and industry recognitions which would go a long way to enhance the bank’s brand in the corporate banking space. You will also receive assistance and guidance for preparing case studies and testimonials in order to strengthen your nominations.

    Working closely with local university affiliations, we can help banks send their staff either to these universities or to the Nucleus School of Banking Technology (NSBT) for product refresher training courses or as part of staff recognition programs. Banks can also extend these facilities to some of their key customers' staff in order to build customer advocacy.

  • Targeting Your Key Customers: Based on our vast experience of working with banks across the globe, Nucleus can help in defining the customer segment wise commercial activation agreements / mandates and also help in customization to suit the new TB value proposition; therefore increasing the top line.

    Additionally, our team of experts can help strengthen the financial institutions’ brand image and thought leadership position in the market by speaking at workshops organized by them for their key customers/prospects.

    In order to ensure success, Nucleus Software has a governance model in place where we conduct monthly reviews with the bank’s business heads and executive team to track progress. The team will also visit the bank for 4-5 days in order to operationalize the plan.