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Enterprise Content Management

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Enterprise Content Management

FinnOne Neo Enterprise Content Management (ECM Software)

Product Module Overview

As digitization continues to transform industries, consumers expect digital experiences from their financial services providers. While banks have successfully moved many customer facing transactions to digital, lending in particular is an area which has either been neglected or digitized only in fragments. As lending constitutes a significant part of banking business and is being pursued aggressively by digital disruptors, banks need to offer an end to end digital experience. With digital and analytics playing a significant role in generating actionable insights from the huge amount of data being generated, there is a need to also digitize the content pieces so that it can be seamlessly plugged along with this data.

  • FinnOne Neo

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

FinnOne Neo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a comprehensive workflow based solution designed to digitally manage enterprise content throughout the loan life-cycle. The solution provides quick upload, indexing, retrieval and transfer of digital documents while improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and speeding up loan processing. The solution’s quick search, processing and retrieval capabilities help in creating new application instantly without any need to ask customers to provide the documents again. The split screen view of digital document and data capture view, helps in processing data quickly and thus reducing the application processing time. FinnOne Neo ECM automates the document management processes, enabling financial institutions to transition from paper-based to completely digitized operations. FinnOne Neo ECM also supports cloud deployments, while optimizing costs by supporting pay-per-use models.

Business Benefits

  • Digitized Operations
    Quick upload, retrieval and transfer of digital documents
  • Faster Processing
    Split screen view for quick data capture
  • Improved Turn-around Time
    Bulk scanning of documents using digital separators
  • Improved Compliance
    Automatic archiving based on configurable archival policies
  • Enhanced Lending Ecosystem
    Seamless integration with multiple loan origination systems
  • Higher Productivity
    Improved collaboration by easy and secured sharing of documents


Functional Details

FinnOne Neo ECM’s Service Oriented Architecture facilitates seamless integration with multiple loan origination systems, which helps in automatic retrieval of lending documents checklist, rescanning and upload of existing documents on request from any host solution. The solution has all the essential features necessary for digitizing document management processes:

  • Flexible workflow: Configurable workflow to suit the needs of financial institutions
  • Barcode support: Capability to read barcodes and basis configuration, identification of document
  • Bulk uploads: Bulk upload of documents of multiple customers in a single go using digital separators
  • Asynchronous uploads of documents: Enables users to continue with other tasks in the system while documents are being uploaded
  • Scanning utility: Bulk scanning of documents using digital separators
  • Document tagging: Tagging of documents to a loan application from front-end
  • Multi-page indexing: Reduces user’s manual effort by indexing multiple documents to varied document type simultaneously
  • Easy retrieval of existing documents: Fast search and retrieval of existing documents on request from any host solution
  • Configurable Archival Policy: Automatic archival of critical business documents based on banking regulations and internal policies
  • Audit trail maintenance: Audit trail for actions on each document maintained in the system
  • Document checklist retrieval: Document checklist is fetched from any loan origination solution
  • Communication engine User Interface: Provides the flexibility to define the mode of communication for the user whenever a case is assigned to them in the worklist

  • Linked documents:  Automatically links documents against each applicant type

  • Document and Case Viewer: Displays the workflow and the tasks for a case

  • Secured sharing of documents: Easy and secured sharing of documents via role-based or password protected links
  • Video file support: Supports video files for comprehensive documentation capabilities
  • Multi business support including lending: Handle complete content for lending and other parts of the business seamlessly in a single platform to drive efficiencies

  • Outlook add-in: Upload documents from the email attachment and create a new lead application in CAS directly from the Outlook

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Technical HighLights

FinnOne Neo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is designed by adopting the latest technological stack. This aids in customization and interfacing with other applications in the enterprise ecosystem. FinnOne Neo ECM provides:

  • Responsive User Interface: Smart, modern and responsive for best view
  • Cloud Ready: Operating system and database independent; Multi-device support
  • User Access management: Integrated with a central SSO system to leverage single sign on and central identity management