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Mobile Digital Channels

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Our Mobility solution is being used by 12 Banks and Financial Institutions in 5 countries

FinnOne Neo Digital Channels

FinnOne Neo Digital Channels enables banks and financial services companies offer end to end digital lending on mobile and web portal. Powered by integrated modules that can be deployed separately, the solution helps lenders on-board customers faster, deliver better service to customers and simplify collection processes for agents. FinnOne Neo Digital Channels includes mobile applications and web portals for customer acquisition, loan servicing, loan operations, delinquency management and location tracking of field agents. Digital lending capability enables lenders to reduce processing time with paperless applications, provide instant acknowledgement and resolution of customer queries, launch innovative products faster to market and accept digital payments. With integrations, banks and financial services companies can incorporate automated credit checks, bank statement analysis and customer identity verifications on the go.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

  • FinnOne Neo

Business Benefits

  • Reduced turnaround time
    Instant access and increased customer service responsiveness
  • Faster time to market
    Launch innovative products faster with seamless legacy system integration
  • Increased operational efficiency
    Reduced manual intervention with automation
  • Enhanced customer reach
    Taking the bank to the customers
  • Better risk management
    Automated credit checking and measures for fraud prevention