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Mobile Loan Collections

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$1.05 Billion+ loan amount collected via mCollect channel

FinnOne Neo Mobile Collections (mCollect) Software

FinnOne Neo Mobile Loan Collections (mCollect) is a debt recovery and delinquency management application digitizes end-to-end field collections. FinnOne Neo mCollect helps banks and other financial services companies eliminate the risks associated with cash based collections and float money. The mobile lending software automates manual processes to minimize chances of errors, frauds and misrepresentation. The mobile loan software allows allocation of cases to agents on mobile and enables paperless processing, eliminates receipt books and other time consuming procedures such as issuance and reconciliation. The application provides mobility to supervisors to provide approval for any deviations and provides flexibility for the field agents to improve the turn around time.

FinnOne Neo mCollect offers powerful features for field agents such as real time case information, multiple digital options (through debit card, payment link, UPI, AEPS including cash collections) to collect payments along with real time update in the central system for both, online and offline modes. Agents can also perform activities like simulation of foreclosure, collections activities on group loan, dialler integration on mobile, statement of account generation, online search of the collection cases, receipt MIS and receipt cancellation. To support efficient collections, the application provides detailed data view on account/case such as account summary, collateral details, address details, contact details and more. mCollect simplifies agent-customer interaction with instant receipts sent to customer on WhatsApp, email and SMS. Other additional features such as multiple graphical MIS, map view of their to-do list with shortest route map and digital features such as follow up after voice recording the commitment, enhances the overall experiences for collectors.

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We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

FinnOne Neo mCollect also provides host of features for supervisors such as case allocation, bulk allocation, partial payment release approval, sale approval, settlement recommendation and approval, legal case detail view and more. FinnOne Neo mCollect is also available with real time interfacing with FinnOne Neo Geo Tracker. The user can also upload the documents using the native android camera or mCollect camera.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced risk of float money
    Money received by bank on instant payment
  • Increased efficiency
    Transparency of payments
  • Customer satisfaction
    Instant receipt notification and quick query resolution
  • Increased cost benefits
    Automated issuance and reconciliation
  • Automated operations
    Dynamic case allocation and e-summarization of field activities

Key features

FinnOne Neo mCollect includes the following features:

  • Real time case information with collector on mobile
  • Facility to collect cash / cheque based payments along with real time update in base Collections application
  • Foreclosure simulation and Statement of Account generation
  • Multi receipt recording on a single receipt
  • Payments by digital collection methods
  • Cashless collections
  • Float money MIS report on mobile
  • Receipt re-print via bluetooth printer, receipt cancellation on mobile
  • Case summary and digital receipt of payments
  • Collector route map and planner on mobile
  • Instant email and SMS notification
  • Support online and offline based payment collections
  • OS Supported – Android and iOS
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-language support
  • Repossession asset details capturing
  • Group loan collections support
  • Bulk case approval facility<
  • Dialer integration through app
  • Voice recording facility
  • Leasing/ gold loan support
  • Corporate loan collections
  • Partial payment release approval
  • Integration with eCourt
  • Offline login via pin
  • Waiver/ sale approval

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