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Mobile Customer Acquisition

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$660 million+ value loan applications initiated via mCAS channel

Mobile Customer Acquisition

FinnOne Neo Mobile Customer Acquisition System (mCAS) is a mobile loan origination software which helps the field staff of lenders to source loan applications digitally and quickly using their mobile devices. The mobile loan software provides complete customer acquisition capabilities via phones and tablets and facilitates paperless data sourcing, application status checks and field investigation response submissions. The loan software minimizes the credit risk through integrated and automated credit checks with credit bureaus.

FinnOne Neo mCAS enables the field staff to perform quick and smart data entry using various Fintech integrations such as voter ID details, driving license checks, offline KYC & optical character recognition for individual customers. For corporate entities, mCAS allows quick data entry using company profile integration. The mobile loan software mCAS caters to a wide variety of loan products such as personal loans, auto loans, housing loans, loans against property, credit cards and consumer durable loans.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

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mCAS enables the field agents to perform verifications and checks for details such as bank account verification, mobile number & email ID verification, vehicle registration authentication, stolen vehicle alerts, electricity & gas bill Integration, GST transaction report, Income tax transaction report and employment verification via office email. Using digital integrations, the field agents can complete the verified data entry, which allows the agents to take informed decision for the applications on the field. This minimizes the sub-standard application entry and improves the overall operational efficiency.

Business Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction
    Enhanced customer reach with faster onboarding
  • Reduced risk
    Integrated, automated credit checking
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Paperless loan sourcing
  • Real-time investigations
    Location tracking to avert fraudulent field investigations
  • Reduced turnaround time
    Approval/Rejection of cases on the move

Key features

FinnOne Neo mCAS includes the following features:

    • Lead module to capture new prospect
    • Paperless loan data sourcing involving image capture at different loan stages
      • Instant credit checks with credit bureau integration
    • Instant customer eKYC verification
    • Email / SMS - Customer application form with customer photo and signature on it
    • Real-time field investigation
      • Real-time application status check and submission
    • MIS for agent on mobile
    • Query module for back office and field agent communication
    • EMI Calculator
    • E-signature
    • Support online and offline mode
    • OS Supported - Android, iOS
    • Integration for income tax records validation
    • Integration for customer identity verification
    • Enhanced waiver request matrix
    • Enhanced UI/UX
    • Multiple asset and collateral capturing facility
    • Multiple employment capturing facility
    • Balance Transfer/Top up support
    • OTP authentication for verification of Mobile No / email ID

    • Kisaan Credit Card facility
  • Lease/ VAP/ Gold loan sourcing support
  • Two-way document upload facility
  • Customer image liveliness check
  • Payment through link via IMD

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