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Automotive Finance

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Installations across 18+ countries across the globe

Automotive Finance

Nucleus Software’s solution helps captive and non-captive automotive finance players deliver rapid decisions in the origination process, create and launch products quickly, process loans more efficiently and manage the collections process effectively.

We partner many of the leading auto finance companies in the world, empowering them with the best technology available to help them win more business and service their customer better. All of this while maintaining full regulatory compliance and keeping tight control over their exposure to risk.

  • FinnOne Neo

Benefits of FinnOne Neo – Automotive Finance

  • Improve consistency, flexible and robust rule engine
  • Real-time visibility and process control through custom dashboards
  • Faster issue resolution and Easy to manage and configure
  • Full traceability and audit of work done
  • Improved batch performance with BLINE logic
  • Versatile, responsive and modern GUI with multiple features for like dashboards & themes

Key Features of Automotive Finance

  • Accelerated time to market with new business offerings
  • Simplification of business operations
  • Reduced TCO - Centralized automated functions to replace multiple sub systems and standardized business processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Scalable system to cater to future business growth needs
  • Seamless integration with peripheral applications and business processes
  • Simplified data extraction out of multiple systems and aggregation using data warehouse/other tools
  • Designed by auto industry experts
  • Complies with Regulatory standards

Nucleus Software's automotive finance solutions span across wholesale, retail and Islamic line of business. The customers include 3 of the global top 10 auto finance companies. We have proven expertise in successful implementation of financial services software solutions in more than 18 countries across the globe covering Europe (Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland), Latin America (Brazil, Chile, and Colombia), Asia (China) and Middle East (UAE).

Auto Finance Suite features/Modules

  • Risk based pricing
  • Handling of Commissions & Subsidies
  • Contract Withdrawals/Cancellations/Restructuring
  • Instalments Deferrals & Payment Arrangements
  • Instalments prepayment / Principal Reductions
  • Automated Processes (Accounting, Maturity Closures, Payment Allocation, etc.)
  • Multiple Loan and Credit Card Products support
  • Flexible Rule Manager
  • Treatment List management
  • Champion-Challenger Strategy
  • Legal Collections Optimizer
  • Capability to manage manufacturer and dealer campaigns
  • Repossession Management
  • Behavioural Scoring Engine
  • Agency Payouts Engine
  • Early Settlement / Termination
  • Transfer of Equity & Substitution of Collateral
  • Rule based Claw-back / Recovery of Commissions
  • Taxation & Compliance Handling
  • Salvage & Recoveries
  • High functional breadth for different types of products
  • Auto Loans
  • Operating Leases
  • Finance Lease
  • Revolving Line of Credit
  • Dealer Lease
  • Fleet Finance