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About NSF

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One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.

About NSF

At Nucleus Software, we believe that technology has the power to transform industries, and when it comes to the transformation of lives, we believe that technology has an even stronger role to play. With this b elief, Nucleus Software Foundation (NSF) was established.

NSF, a not-for-profit organization, is primarily focused on using the latest technologies and methodologies to Engage, Motivate and Educate children at the primary school level. We believe that children are the biggest asset of any country and hence we want to do our part to establish a firm foundation for them, in our own small way. Education can play a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality among the marginalized. With this vision, NSF has undertaken this journey to transform the lives of children by educating them, using easy-to-use technology and enhanced teaching and learning material, much to the delight of the young students!

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Our Journey

As a result of intense brainstorming and decades of expertise in technology, we committed to focus on empowering children by improving education that was infused with interactive, multimedia content, coupled with innovative hands-on- tools and interesting workbooks.

During our early days, our prime focus was digital innovation in education. However, we soon realized that despite great engagement with children, we needed to innovate newer ways in pedagogy to ensure a lasting and positive impact. It is then that we embarked on a hybrid learning program, aimed mainly at Remediation.

Our Tablet Device has learning games, interactive and story-based content, curated under one platform. After all the ground work, we have progressed to an enhanced NSF Hybrid Learning Program which efficiently uses our Tab, tools and workbooks. We now work with different NGO Partners at Government and NGO schools with an aim to uplift each child to their grade based level.

Powered by the latest research on how multimedia and gamification drives increased engagement, we have created interactive modules mapped to the child’s school curriculum. We use digital support, along with hands-on tools, that has proven to be successful, based on feedback from the children and their heartening academic progress at school. And what’s more, students love using our digital devices, our workbooks and all our teaching and learning material that is quite vivid and engaging!

We also understand the importance of a mentor’s role in ensuring that technology programs such as the NSF Tab Program are effective, and this is why we have created the NSF Training Program for Teachers. This training program is run at Government and other NGO-aided schools and is designed to motivate and engage teachers to be innovative in their teaching practices. It empowers them to adopt new technology and tools with our assistance, initially, and later to function on their own, independently. Our NSF Tabs are designed with intelligent, assessment tools that provide teachers with information about the child’s progress in learning and development!

While the primary focus of NSF is Child Education, our CSR programs also cater to the well-being of society through several other outreach initiatives.

Our Vision

NSF is dedicated to the cause of using technology to improve the educational outcome of underprivileged children, to meticulously train school teachers to adopt innovative teaching methods, and to transform the lives of various disadvantaged and marginalised sections of the community and the society at large.

Our Mission

  • To be a responsible organization that contributes to a better society.
  • To use technology and innovative pedagogy to improve educational outcomes of underprivileged children.
  • To meticulously train school teachers to adopt innovative teaching methods that uses art and technology.
  • To empower rural women with vocational training aimed towards employability, entrepreneurship and direct livelihood opportunities.
  • To equip the less privileged and disabled to generate a sustainable livelihood.
  • To assist the nation by providing disaster relief during calamities.
  • To encourage employee volunteering and support non-profit organizations in their endeavor of Service to Society.


Mrs. Madhu Dusad and Mrs. Sonia Singh are the trustees of Nucleus Software Foundation. The trust works along with the CSR Committee comprising of Nucleus’ Board of Directors - Ms. Yasmin Javeri Krishan (Committee Chairperson) and Committee members - Mr. S M Acharya, Prof. Trilochan Sastry, Mr. Parag Bhise and Dr. Ritika Dusad.

Transforming lives at every step