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Trade Finance

Trade Finace

FinnAxia Trade Finance

Product Module Overview

FinnAxia Trade Finance Portal provides corporate customers with a digital front end to not just apply for and view Letter of Credits (LCs), Letter of Guarantees etc. but also track bills under LCs/Collections. The portal provides a single, global view of the corporates’ trade finance business which helps reduce the risk of fraud and also enables the bank to make faster and more efficient financing decisions. Banks can reduce compliance costs and optimize working capital for their customers by simplifying and automating trade finance processes. With FinnAxia Trade Finance Portal corporate customers can initiate the full range of trade finance transactions including LCs, SBLCs, Guarantees, Shipping Guarantees, Collections, Remittances and Stand-alone Finance. The solution provides a single platform for importers and exporters. The importers can raise LCs which can be viewed by their exporters. On completion of the shipment of goods, exporters can raise bills online-which can either be tagged to an LC or be independent of one. The importers can then view and accept bills raised by the exporter or alternatively request a trust receipt loan against a raised bill.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the financial services industry.

  • FinnAxia


  • Flexible and parameterized solution
  • Limit definition and management
  • Invoice entry and presentation is online
  • Support for automation of Invoice acceptance / Loan request processes as per configuration
  • Seamless Integration with downstream systems
  • Central information management for visibility, analytics and performance metrics


  • Real-time 360° view of all Trade Finance Transactions
  • Issuance and Amendment of Domestic and International Letter of Credit(LC), Stand-By Letter of Credit(SBLC), Letter of Guarantees(LG) and Shipping Guarantee (SG)
  • Lodgement and Acceptance of Bills
  • Provision of Import and Export of Trade Loans
  • Export advisory for amendments and discrepancies
  • Consolidated LC/SBLC/LG/SG and bills enquiry with associated loan/claim details
  • Consolidated Import and Export Enquiries
  • Comprehensive Personalized Reports
  • Authorization matrix/Additional Bank Level Approval
  • Widget for Limit Tracking
  • Loan Settlement and Rollover Initiation
  • Integrable with all Major Back Office Trade Finance Systems