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e-Financial Supply Chain Management

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3 out of the top 15 banks are our customers

FinnAxia e-Financial Supply Chain Management

Product Module Overview

FinnAxia e-Financial Supply Chain Management (e-FSCM) enables banks to harmonize the supply chain of their corporate customers by offering them financing services. From financing against the invoices raised by suppliers on the corporate to financing dealers of the corporate against their payables to corporate, the solution helps the corporates optimize their working capital mix. Banks can now offer funds to suppliers and dealers in accordance with their need along the cash cycle.

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the financial services industry.

FinnAxia e-FSCM supports:

Pre-Shipment Finance

  • Purchase Order Financing

Post-Shipment Finance

  • Account Receivables Financing
    • Invoice Discounting
    • Factoring
  • Account Payables Financing
    • Invoice Financing
    • Reverse Factoring
  • FinnAxia

Business benefits

  • 360 degree view of the financial supply chain ecosystem
  • Working capital optimization and availability of anytime credit
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with improved mapping of customers with their trade partners and transactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction with multi-channel loan initiation against approved instruments
  • Reduced costs and time with straight through processing


  • Web BasedA comprehensive web based financial supply chain management solution offered to corporate customers
  • End to End Support: Supports Purchase order financing, receivables financing (invoice discounting), factoring, payables financing (invoice financing) and reverse factoring with simple and flexible data set-up

  • Straight Through ProcessingEnabling straight through processing of operations for faster loan approvals
  • File Consolidator: Upload from / to any file format, providing banks with the flexibility to handle any complex file format
  • Multiple Business Partner HandlingHandle multiple activities (credit line management, STP/non-STP transaction processing, and billing) of multiple business partners (anchor customers, suppliers and dealers)
  • Linking Entities and Products: Entities in FinnAxia e-FSCM system are linked at an Ecosystem level where the roles and overall credit limits are defined for them
  • Two-Level Product Management:
    • Bank level –Define policy guidelines for the bank
    • Entity level – Linking product/facilities approved for the entity
  • Manual / File Upload: Transaction such as PO entry, PO acceptance, invoice entry and invoice acceptance, invoice payment can be performed via manual entry as well as through file upload process from the front end
  • Comprehensive ReportingBuilt-in Reporting Engine to handle generation of reports in batch mode or ad hoc basis. Ability to dispatch reports to various delivery channels like web, email and hard copy (formats like XLS / CSV, PDF, text supported)
  • Core Banking InterfacingFacilitates integration with several leading core banking solutions along with banks’ legacy systems
  • API: Supports Invoice Capture, Purchase Order Initiation, Loan Initiation, Loan Enquiry, Invoice Payment, Invoice Cancellation
  • Additional Non-Financial details/Enrichments for Invoices and PO's
  • Enrichment reports
  • Loan Closure-Simulation and Repayment
  • Widget for Loan and Invoice Aging View
  • Alerts
    • Invoice Entry, Acceptance & Cancellation
    • Invoice Payment
    • Workflow Alerts
  • Audit Trail reports
  • Batching of authorized accepted Invoices
  • Batching of authorized accepted POs
  • Batch loan initiation from Axia
  • Batch loan initiaiton from DC
  • Batch Exception Handling of loans
  • Default RM Action
  • Loan Enquiry Enhancement to capture different batch disbursement numbers