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Credit Cards

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30+ customers using our Credit cards origination module

Credit Cards

FinnOne Neo for credit cards provides comprehensive support for the origination and delinquency management of a wide variety of credit card products. The solution is easily configurable, compatible with multiple channels and enables automation of credit card origination and processing. FinnOne Neo for credit cards offers capabilities like new credit card application and add-on card. We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

Some of the features of the solution include:

  • Recommendation: Bank user can review the application before they are sent to the underwriter. Recommendations are made on the sanctioning limit with ability to add/approve the deviations
  • Privilege mapping: Various privilege and benefits can be bundled into a set of category to be linked to the credit card type
  • FinnOne Neo

Key Value Differentiators

  • Faster Go-to-market with innovative and customized offerings catering to the target segment
  • Enhanced risk management through information verification at various steps
  • Flexible architecture, multi-channel, scalable system
  • Enhanced customer service with self-service channel, reduced processing time
  • Seamless integration with other interfaces
  • Easy management and tracking of delinquent customers

FinnOne Neo Credit Cards Solutions:

FinnOne Neo from Nucleus Software is an advanced lending software which automates various business functions such as credit checking, credit approval etc. The solution is easy to maintain, scalable and supports high-volume transactions for credit card business. FinnOne Neo offers a wide range of functional capabilities required by a credit card origination as well as credit card collections management software. The credit risk management software’s comprehensive capabilities empower the financial institutions to manage their risk exposure effectively.

FinnOne Neo CAS:

  • Single point and channel for data capture
  • Lead Capturing through the lead management
  • Paper less origination and appraisal process
  • Multi Products, Multi lingual and Multi currency
  • Ability to configure multiple scoring model
  • BPMN Compliant Workflow Engine
  • Credit Decision Evaluation and Credit Appraisal
  • Communication Engine
  • Flexible Repayment Option
  • Audit Trails of data modification

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FinnOne Neo Collections:

  • Tracking and management of delinquency cases
  • Classification and Hierarchy-based allocation of cases to collectors
  • Champion Challenger Strategy Management
  • User-defined work list logics and online work lists
  • Settlement Tracking and Skip Tracking feature
  • Online dashboard
  • Behavioral scoring engine
  • Repossession module
  • Agency payouts engine

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