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Social Media Guidelines

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Social Media Guidelines


This document outlines the guidelines used by Nucleus Software in the use of social media channels and it focuses on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as these are the most important channels for Nucleus Software.

Social Networking has now become a part of our daily lives. Social Media is basically variety of Web and mobile-based platforms, applications and technologies that enable people to socially interact with one another online. The popularity of the social media can be overestimated – as of January 2016, Facebook had over 1.5 billion active users, LinkedIn has 414 million users Twitter has over 320 million.

Social media is often considered to be for personal use and consumer marketing however it is rapidly becoming an important channel for business-to-business marketing. Social media marketing of a brand helps creating brand awareness, relationship building and driving new sales. It helps the brand to identify its target customers and make the brand more human. Communication is important for any business but positive engagement with the customer base can really lead to improved reputation. Social media allows brands and user to interact freely and quickly. The brand takes on a personal role and becomes a member of a conversation. Resulting exposure can develop a quality brand image. Conservations on the social media page of the brand also help the brand to immediately address the queries of consumers and maintain a one- one relationship with the brand.

  • Do’s on Social Media
    •   Always use a strong password
    •   Use privacy settings
    •   Verify links, attachments, downloads, emails, anything sent to
    •   Verify friend/follower
    •   Whenever possible, organize contacts into "categories".
    •   Be active on social media, but don’t overdo the number of posts
    •   Share information that is relevant and timely to your audience
  • Dont’s on Social Media 

      Upload anything you wouldn't want everyone to
    •   Like / share your own material, instead get other people to like / share your material
    •   Connect with everyone – choose who to connect with / follow carefully
    •   Forget to network – especially in LinkedIn
    •   Give away your password or use the same password for any other
    •   Put in any more information than you absolutely have

Data privacy responsibilities

  •   Privacy statement shall be displayed on all social media platforms.
  •   Nucleus software shall ensure consent prior to collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on social media platforms/website or any other medium.
  •   Staff members working on social media platforms shall be trained on data privacy principles.
  •   If an employee feels an update or message might cause complaints or offence — or be otherwise  unsuitable — they shall not post it. Staff members can always consult    the legal team for advice.   
    •   Staff members should be on guard for social engineering and phishing attempts.
    •   Only people who have been authorized to use the company’s social networking accounts may do so.

Guidelines When Using the Social Media Handles of Nucleus Software

  •   Adhere to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Trust Principles of Nucleus Software
  •   Use common sense and good judgment while posting anything on social media and be accountable for
  •   Don’t post any information or news that is factually
  •   When posting, avoid using statements, photos, video or audio that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening or 
  •   Maintain the confidentiality of business and proprietary information

Social media accounts | Follow / Like us on social

  Click on all the links of social media platforms and Like/Follow us to know what Nucleus Software is sharing:-

  •   Nucleus Software doesn’t allow graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or submissions nor does it allow comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to      defame anyone or any other organization
  •   Nucleus Software doesn’t encourage sharing third party, copyrighted content shared without the knowledge of its official owner
  •   Nucleus Software doesn’t allow solicitations or advertisements. This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.   Similarly, the brand doesn’t allow attempts to defame or defraud any financial, commercial or non- governmental agency
  •   We reserve the right to modify/delete any contribution that violates Nucleus Software’s or Facebook’s terms and conditions
  •   Nucleus Software isn’t in favor of allowing comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity
  •   Community participates at their own risk, taking personal responsibility for their comments, their username and any information provided on the brand’s wall
  •   Any kind of appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the brand
  •   Nothing offensive, even slightly, to be shared from the brand’s All the religions, castes and societies to be given equal respect and no kind of partiality should ever be         showcased from the brand’s side   

      Nucleus Software reserves the right to modify/delete any contribution that violates Nucleus Software or Facebook’s terms and conditions

Beginner’s guide to LinkedIn:

Like most social networks, LinkedIn hosts your personal profile, a page on which you may list information like job experience and professional skills.

However, unlike many other social networks, it’s important to complete your profile to the best of your ability — especially if you’re using LinkedIn for the job hunt. LinkedIn measures your “profile strength” from 0-100%. The higher your profile completeness, the more likely you are to appear in search results. For instance, when you list skills like “Final Cut Pro” and “Photoshop,” potential employers may come across your profile when they perform an advanced search based on those keywords. Handy.


To ensure that your profile is 100% complete, LinkedIn recommends including the following information.


  •   Industry and postal code
  •   A current position with description
  •   Two more positions
  •   Education
  •   At least five skills
  •   Connections

We recommend first performing a series of basic searches to find people you know by name. (See the search box at the top of each LinkedIn page.) Click the “Connect” button next to people’s names to add them to your network. You may send a custom message along with that invitation to make the connection more personalized.


You may also choose to connect your email’s contact list to LinkedIn for the purpose of finding additional connections. Head to “Import Contacts” and allow access to your contacts to pull up a list of potentials


LinkedIn groups are spaces in which professionals and experts can share content, ask for advice, post or search for jobs and network with others. Groups are tailored to brands, associations and societies, support groups, causes, publications and industries in general. That can mean anything from “On Start-ups’ - The Community for Entrepreneurs” to “Cal Alumni Association | UC Berkeley.”


On the other hand, don’t confuse LinkedIn “groups” with “companies.” Coca-Cola has a With over

  • million groups to choose from, you’re likely to find at few that fit your field and interests. Keep in mind that many groups require authentication before the manager permits you to join. However, nearly one-third of groups don’t require review, and are labelled “open.”


Just as you have a personal profile page, many companies choose to represent themselves on LinkedIn, too. Like Facebook brand pages, you may choose to follow the activity and updates of companies on LinkedIn.

Company pages contain general information, such as a business overview, list of employees and press mentions. Many companies also choose to list job openings on their pages, and some even encourage applicants to apply through LinkedIn, a very handy tool of the network.

Connecting with Nucleus Software (Nucleus Software)

  • Nucleus Software LinkedIn page gives people the opportunity to learn more about the products and services of Nucleus Software.
  • The Linkedin page of Nucleus Software allows people follow our business and provide testimonials about our products and
  • Linkedin page of Nucleus Software allows people push the company name up the search engine

Here’s how you can interact on the Linkedin page of Nucleus Software.


  • By following the page, one can remain updated about all the latest happening around the Nucleus
  • You can like, comment and share the post

Beginner’s guide to Twitter:

On Twitter, following someone is not necessarily an admission of friendship, but nonetheless affords interaction and conversation — at least in short bursts.


The first step is to understand and master the vernacular. There are certain words and jargon native to Twitter that you may already have heard in passing. These terms and their abbreviations (in parentheses) are essential for understanding the network.


  • Tweet: A 140-character
  • Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else's
  • Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your It's comprised of updates from users you follow.
  • Mention (@): A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @mashable). Users are notified when @mentioned. It's a way to conduct discussions with other users in a public
  • Direct Message (DM): A private, 140-character message between two people. You can decide whether to accept a Direct Message from any Twitter user, or only from users you are You may only DM a user who follows you.
  • Hashtag (#): A way to denote a topic of conversation or participate in a larger linked discussion (e.g. #AmericanIdol, #Obama). A hashtag is a discovery tool that allows others to find your tweets, based on topics. You can also click on a hashtag to see all the tweets that mention it in real time — even from people you don't

Connecting with Nucleus Software (Nucleus Software)

  • Nucleus Software through its Twitter page posts a lot of content on its latest innovations, summits, conferences
  • The twitter page is a medium for Nucleus Software to share their latest news items with their
  • Nucleus Software lets its followers stay up to date with current information about the business of this
  • The biggest benefit, it lets followers communicate with the
  • The Nucleus Software twitter page gives the followers an understanding of the brand’s personality to its

Here’s how you can interact with the Twitter page of Nucleus Software.

 By following the twitter page of Nucleus Software, one can remain updated about all the latest happening around the Nucleus Software

  • By retweeting content from the Nucleus page, your followers will also be able to know the latest updates of Nucleus

Beginner’s guide to Facebook:


  • Before you begin searching for friends, it’s important to complete your Timeline (aka your personal profile), which includes everything from uploading a profile picture and cover photo to outlining your employment history to determining your relationship status (OK, that’s optional). It’s called a timeline because you can include information, important milestones and memories spanning your entire Timeline is incredibly nuanced, and encourages you to include as much detail as possible, and many, many people do — so, don’t be shy! 

News Feed 

  • Finding friends on Facebook is incredibly important, not simply to connect for connection’s sake, but to stay up to date on their latest news, thoughts, activities, whereabouts and And the place to access that information is the News Feed.
  • Once you’ve logged into Facebook, the first thing you'll see is the News Feed. There you’ll view friends’ status updates, new photos, links to articles, One of the most recent changes Facebook made to its News Feed is the order in which updates appear. Facebook’s algorithm and your own activity determine what “news” is most important, and thus, whether it makes the top of your News Feed. Think of it like the front page of a newspaper, determined by an algorithm rather than an editor. Therefore, you won’t necessarily see updates in the order they’re posted, but in order of timeliness and “importance.”

The Status Update 

  • A status update is anything important to you at a particular moment in time that you deem shareable with Facebook Through a status update, you can communicate your present activity or whereabouts (via a “check-in”), post a link to an interesting article or site, share photos and videos, and even create a poll.
  • Create a status update either from the News Feed or from the top of your

Connecting with Nucleus Software (Nucleus Software)

  • Nucleus Software through its Facebook page posts a lot of content on its latest innovations, summits, conferences
  • Though the Facebook page of Nucleus Software photos and videos concerning the business are shared
  • Nucleus Software through its page respond quickly to queries raised by audience
  • The Facebook page of Nucleus Software helps to increase the traffic of the website of Nucleus Software. By posting interesting content from website to the Facebook page, fans can click the link and read the full post.
  • Through the Facebook page of Nucleus Software, it increases the brand awareness among their target audience
  • The Nucleus Software Facebook page helps to garner more exposure for the brand, as every time someone new likes the page, re-posts something from the page; the brand message is spread to more
  • The Facebook page of Nucleus Software helps to build relationships with the target audience, answering questions, giving explanations, rectifying problems, in essence showing the human side of the 

Here’s how you can interact with the Facebook page of Nucleus Software.

By liking the Facebook page of Nucleus Software, one can be remain updated about all the latest happening around the Nucleus Software

By commenting ; you can even write your views or opinions on the post

  • By sharing; you can share the content, so that your friends can also view the latest updates on Nucleus