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End User Computing & End Point Security

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End User Computing & End Point Security

Today's IT environment facilitates high employee productivity and minimal downtime in workplaces which are devised to deliver value in new and dynamic ways. Our End user computing and End Point security service focuses on ensuring availability and high service quality through process standardization, customized tools and new technologies.

  • Maintains continuous compliance with organizational policies for all endpoints
  • Discovers new updates, tests and deploys the required patches for OS/Standard Application software
  • Deploys OS/Application software across devices automatically
  • Customizes and co-ordinates deployment process
  • Manages Internet based Client and End Point device asset
  • Creation and Implementation of security policies for all endpoint devices
  • Control for removable devices (connected to endpoints) and data (copied onto authorized devices)
  • User and device-level logging for auditing and compliance needs
  • Rapid detection, quarantine, remediation and reporting on endpoints in real-time through use of Anti-virus, Host based intrusion detection systems etc.
  • Receiving security updates and deployment in the shortest period of time
  • Continuous assessment of new security threats/vulnerabilities and planning of preventive actions
  • Devising comprehensive data protection strategy and solutions to eliminate possibility of intentional/accidental leakage of sensitive corporate data
  • Leveraging Encryption of data at source and while in motion
  • Key management and data loss prevention solutions
  • Assessment and identification of best suited Virtualization technology for client desktop environment
  • Application compatibility testing and solutions for incompatibles
  • Network assessment for remote access including WAN optimization
  • Pilot deployment & performance testing
  • Production deployment and user migration to virtual desktops
  • Operational Management of VDI environment