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Data Center Services

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Product Installations across 51+ countries

Data Center Services

  • Network Monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • OS Monitoring
  • DB Monitoring
  • OS & Server Support
  • DB & Storage Support
  • Network & Security Support

We focus on consolidating resources into fewer centralized components. Our services include assessment of current DC, analysis and preparation of case for consolidation based on client's strategic focus, planning and actual migration.

Key advantage for the client:
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced IT costs per unit of workload and energy consumption
  • Streamlined operations & Reduced downtime
  • Simplified interoperability challenges for efficient platforms and technologies
  • Increased Automation capability
  • Simplified Disaster recovery within & across DC

Our service offerings are based on in-depth virtualization expertise, best practices and delivery methodologies to enable clients benefit from full value of virtualization. This includes Infrastructure assessment, Virtualization, private cloud, applications migration on cloud etc.

  • Standardization and virtualization of servers
  • Migration of applications on virtual server environment
  • Management of Virtualized production and test environments
  • Business impact analysis
  • Technical assessment
  • DR Strategy, design & Implementation
  • Failover drills
Oracle DB/Middleware AS (10gAS, IBM WAS, Weblogic, IBM MQ) Support
  • Sizing, Capacity, Backup and Recovery Planning
  • Installation, Migration and user administration
  • Version upgrade and patching
  • Troubleshooting and recommendations for optimized performance

HA, DR (BCP) & Monitoring:
  • Load balancing and clustering setup
  • Oracle DB setup (Oracle RAC) or Active/Passive in HA mode
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM GC) setup
  • Oracle Data guard setup for online data replication

Oracle DB/Application Server Security Implementation:
  • DBMS security planning and implementation
  • Implementation of DB Encryption Technology

Migration Service:
  • Oracle DB migration from oracle 9i/10g to Oracle 11g
  • Oracle 9i/10g AS migration to Weblogic or Websphere (Oracle 11g)
  • DB & Application Server migration to new platform

Value Proposition:
  • Oracle GOLD Partner, supporting 40+ global customers
  • Experienced & Certified skills for Oracle DB & AS administration
  • Multilingual (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English) DBA support
  • 500+ Oracle DB and AS Server with 2000+ Instances support experience