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FinnOne Neo Corporate Customer Acquisition

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FinnOne Neo Corporate Customer Acquisition

FinnOne Neo Corporate Customer Acquisition

Product Module Overview

FinnOne Neo Corporate Customer Acquisition (CAS) is designed to cater the complex credit assessment needs of SME/ corporate finance and offers seamless customer on-boarding inclusive of comprehensive credit and risk analysis. It not only streamlines the capturing of data such as company structure, details of stakeholders but also derives required financial ratios from multiple types of financial statements. Here, any number of analysis templates can be defined and used to calculate financial eligibility parameters of customers. We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the lending industry.

FinnOne Neo Corporate Customer Acquisition offers the facility to process the deals constituting proposal for credits against multiple products or product categories at one go. Once the deals are approved, specific contracts under each category can be processed. The solution also provides the flexibility to process single or multiple contracts within approved product categories with the added provision of single or multiple disbursements. FinnOne Neo Corporate CAS allows unified workflow for multi-facility application for approval and documentation while providing flexibility to lenders to configure workflows for products post approval.

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The solution offers the capability to define limits at multiple levels such as facility, customer, customer group and anchor. The system ensures that these limits are not breached at any point of time with provision of configuring measures such as stopping further disbursements or raising alerts for the same. Added options for management of entire document checklists, specification of special conditions/covenants for each of the contracts, and scheduling periodic limit review capabilities enable systematized monitoring and tracking of lending relationship with your end customers across the term.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce time-to-market
    Quicker & easier product & scheme creation/ changes
  • Interface with Credit Bureaus
    Interfacing with multiple Credit Bureaus to optimize the credit appraisal process
  • Fraud detection
    Enables banks to search an internally managed fraud repository or external negative list of customers
  • Business process automation
    Eligibility calculator with pre-defined rules to reduce and configurable Business Rules Engine
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
    Allowing users to add items as ‘Favourites’; automated alert/ e-Mail to task-owners
  • Customer satisfaction
    Enhanced customer reach with faster onboarding


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Unique Features

  • Extensive data capture for customer and related individuals, parties and investors
  • Enable packaged offerings with special rates for multiple facilities
  • Systemized eligibility calculations using financial analysis and risk analysis options with any number of templates/logic deployed
  • Credit approval for multiple products at one go in a single deal
  • Multi-product, multi-facility and multi-tranche options
  • Multiple facilities within approved product lines wherein each facility can be associated with different plans/schemes
  • Revolving and Non Revolving facilities apart from repayment schedule based contracts
  • Flexible Repayment Structures with comprehensive set of user specified parameters that can be modified during the term with automated recalculations
  • Committee flexible Approval processes based on approval limits
  • Covenants and special terms and conditions defined for tracking at each facility level
  • Periodic review of credit facilities and limits

Line of business covered

    • Working Capital
    • Bill Discounting
    • Bank Guarantee
    • Letter of Credit
    • Term Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Construction Finance
  • Loan against Securities/Collaterals
  • Syndicated / Consortium Loans
  • Warehouse Receipt Finance