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Predictive Lending Analytics Software

Product Module Overview

To meet changing customer expectations for personalized offerings, and to address a more competitive landscape, banks and other financial services companies have taken advantage of rapid changes in technology to kick start their digital transformation journey. However, offering digitized, automated and multi-channel loan operations will soon become “table stakes”. To stay ahead of the market and prepare themselves for the next wave of transformation, lenders need to quickly adopt advanced technologies, particularly in the area of analytics.

With cutting edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as text analytics and neural networks, Nucleus Lending Analytics is an easy-to-build platform that helps you make better credit decisions through accurate predictive models. The solution also helps to configure existing decision models such as scorecards and business rules, thereby allowing lenders to monitor their performance and manage the risks associated with their models. Nucleus Lending Analytics addresses key business drivers including generating higher growth by targeting the right customers with customized offerings, increasing profitability by reducing costs and customer churn, enhancing quality of portfolio by enabling strategic decisioning throughout the loan life-cycle.

3-in-1 Platform for Faster, Better, Easy Decisions

Nucleus Lending Analytics seamlessly integrates data from multiple host systems and provides business users with the capability to perform three key functions: 

  • Build Models Quickly : Predictive modeling capabilities that help in reducing time-to-market by building models quickly, using intuitive wizards and time-saving features
  • Deploy Models Seamlessly : The inbuilt decision engine helps in deploying predictive models and any complex business rules easily by integrating with 3rd party systems. It allows use of Champion-Challenger strategy and ensemble modeling for multiple-model deployment
  • Monitor Models Automatically :Automated model monitoring to ensure that data driven business policies are robust and relevant for accurate lending decisions


Key Benefits

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns:
    Reach the right prospects at a lower cost with accurate customer segmentation
  • Faster On-boarding
    Reduce loan origination time and make faster credit decisions through predictive credit scoring & hosting business rules
  • Maximize the Wallet Share
    Increase the customer life time value by identifying the Cross-sell / Up-sell opportunities using behavioral scoring capabilities
  • Comprehensive Customer Servicing
    Keep the customer attritions at check through improved insights on churn & pre-delinquency
  • Enhanced Delinquency management
    Develop optimal recovery strategies with collection analytics throughout the loan delinquency stages

Key Features

  • Predictive Modeling and sophisticated algorithms
  • Inference Modeling
    • Artificial Intelligence (Text Analytics and Neural Networks with hyper optimization) capabilities
    • Simplified data pre-processing, exploration and visualization
    • Model Optimization
    • Statistical & Expert based Scorecards: Guided & easy to manage
    • Best-in-class decision trees: Build with a click, analyze results visually
    • Automated performance monitoring
      • Model performance dashboard
      • Cloud-ready and ease of integration

      • Zero code platform

    • Data Lake: Use structured and unstructured data with pre-configured pipelines

    • Web Services Dashboard
    • Grouping Text features for textual scoring
    • Early warning systems

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Illustrative Use Cases

The solution enables seamless integration of data from multiple host systems to perform all the three key functions i.e. build, deploy, and monitor models on a single platform.

  • Identify the best channel for lead sourcing
  • Reach out to the right customers
  • On-board customers faster
  • Forecast loss & demand
  • Offer risk based pricing
  • Identify cross/up-sell opportunities
  • Prevent customer churn
  • Make more accurate predictions
  • Manage pre-delinquencies with Early Warning Signals (EWS)
  • Formulate risk based queues & right case-curing strategy

Nucleus Lending Analytics Advantage

  • Convenient : Data science made easy for analysts & business users alike
  • Fast : Build the machine learning models and complex business rules with faster turnaround time
  • Specialized : Designed for Lending business incorporating 3 decades of domain expertise

Line of business covered