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Capitalizing on the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ digital loans opportunity

S&P Global states that with the ‘buy-now-pay-later’ (BNPL) market expected to grow almost 400% by 2025, incumbent lenders that still rely on traditional credit cards and cumbersome financing methods are set to lose out to the new age lenders. Though these new age lenders with BNPL models have been able to innovate quickly, the lack of comprehensive credit checks and whether the risk levels are sustainable for the long term is a cause of concern. This is where the banks may have an advantage as they hold massive wealth of data built over a long time with which they can assess risk more reliably. To capitalize on the opportunity, banks will have to strike a perfect balance between innovation and caution.

The pay later servicing model requires lenders to support various configurations, which can be different for each partner such as interest charging methods, minimum due computations, periodic statements generation and defaults handing. Since this model requires digital offerings, lenders should have robust API packs to integrate seamlessly with third party systems. This model has low ticket size and high volumes, so lenders look for platforms, which are robust, flexible and scalable. In this webinar, our experts will share insights on how financial institutions can quickly develop secure, convenient and completely frictionless BNPL digital loan offerings with comprehensive capabilities and capitalize on the opportunity.


The session will provide insights into:

  • Pay later product management
  • Business models and configurations to support them
  • Handling customer billing and periodic statements
  • Complying with regulatory aspects such as asset classification and DPD computation
  • Leveraging APIs to deliver a completely digital experience

According to an Accenture report, as much as 15% of banks’ global payments revenue, or US$280 billion, is likely be displaced by the growth of digital payments and competition from non-banks, as payments become more instant, invisible and free.

On-demand webinar


Ritesh Masand has experience of 16 years in Banking & Information Technology domain.  With experience in building new products, formulating product strategies and executing go to market campaigns in today’s dynamic digital environment. At Nucleus Software he is a Group Product Manager with responsibility for driving product management and development for digital loan servicing. In the past he has worked with Oracle, ICICI Bank & ABN AMRO Bank handling multiple roles in product management & banking operation domain.

For more than 20 years, Daragh O’Byrne has been helping financial institutions get the maximum return on their investments in mission critical IT systems. At Nucleus Software, he is the VP and Global Head of Marketing where he is responsible for driving business transformation through integrated and strategic marketing initiatives. His industry experience and in-depth understanding of technology drives his passion to ensure that value is delivered for customers.

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