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Non Banking Financial Companies

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Non Banking Financial Companies

FinnOne Neo for Non-Banking Financial Companies

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have held themselves strong against challenges such as stringent norms, competition from banks, demanding customers and low margins. They have managed to capitalize on their business reach, product innovation and presence in niche segments leading to sustained growth in revenue. Today, NBFCs need to adapt to the tightening regulatory landscape and the threat posed by the new market entrants with innovative business models. Buoyed by the rising demand for their services in recent years, NBFCs continue to scale up their operations for providing quality services. However, this growth needs to be augmented with the adoption of advanced technology solutions for driving up the efficiency and reducing the business risk.

FinnOne Neo for NBFC is a highly scalable, workflow based, technologically advanced solution, designed to manage the complete loan lifecycle. It enables customers to launch tailored products in a matter of minutes and automate their business processes for efficiency. FinnOne Neo for NBFC empowers the organization to reduce the credit risk and Non Performing Loans in a structured and systematic way, thereby ensuring stronger business growth. As an omni-channel solution, FinnOne Neo for NBFC allows bank's customers to initiate and monitor their loan applications across mobile and online channels while delivering a seamless customer experience.

  • FinnOne Neo

In view of NBFCs focus on scalability and cost reduction, FinnOne Neo supports cloud deployment. This model offers tremendous advantages such as faster implementation, lower cost, ease of scalability and flexibility in operations. FinnOne Neo with Cloud deployment brings the advantage of having the best in class lending solution without high upfront capital expenditure and associated operational expenses. With business focus now on shrinking timelines, the solution is available as an off the shelf offering that can be deployed quickly in partnership with leading cloud providers. FinnOne Neo is platform agnostic and can work with most of the leading cloud platforms available in various markets like Azure and AWS.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced time-to-market
    Faster and easier product creation and market launch
  • Business growth
    Focus on new lines of business, enhanced business reach
  • Faster customer on-boarding
    Digital origination, faster decision making with automated business processes
  • Enhanced risk management
    Improved collection rates and reduction of NPAs
  • Omni channel presence
    Enhanced customer experience and improved business performance with mobile and online access
  • Predictive analytics
    Empowered to take right decisions at every stage of the loan cycle for business growth


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Cloud Ready
FinnOne Neo for NBFCs

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Unique Features

  • Cloud ready
  • Scalable platform
  • Device agnostic
  • Region based pre-configuration
  • Reliable and secure
  • Multi-lingual
  • Integrated accounting engine and powerful rule engine

FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System (CAS) is an automated loan processing system which controls various business processes/activities performed in processing of a loan or credit card application for advanced risk management and business process optimization.

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FinnOne Neo LMS is an advanced and comprehensive bank loan management system that aims to improve the quality, turnaround time and service for end-customers. It enables banks to improve the agility, transparency and efficiency of their lending solutions. As a loan management solution, it enables financial institutions to automate the processes for achieving cost savings and enhanced customer experience.

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FinnOne Neo Collections is a customer centric, web based and workflow driven solution that allows financial institutions to manage, monitor and control the delinquent loan accounts while automating the collection management framework. It provides a configurable workflow and a dynamic rule engine as its backbone.

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Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. has been a pioneer in providing global innovative banking software solutions for Banks and financial institutions since 1986. Our product suite, FinnOne™, has been ranked as the world’s best-selling lending software, by IBS publishing. Taking this leadership edge to mobility, the mobile banking product suite comprises of mCAS (loan origination software), mServe (loan self servicing) and mCollect (Delinquency & collection management software).

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FinnOne Neo Advanced Analytics is designed to gain comprehensive business insight into credit risk-management of banks and other financial institutions. This has been made possible with the inclusion of cutting edge statistical and data analysis capabilities in FinnOne Neo Advanced Analytics.

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