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Working Capital Funding

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30+ customer using our Corporate loans module

Working Capital Funding

Working capital funding solution from Nucleus Software covers the expenses incurred by day-to-day business operations including Cash Credit/Overdraft, Short Term Finance, Packing Credit, Post Shipment Limit and Bill Discounting.

Key Value Differentiators

  • Optimized and automated credit evaluation and decision making process
  • Cost optimization and enhanced efficiency in servicing the applications
  • Reduced business risk with efficient delinquency management
  • End-to-end credit lifecycle management for working capital funding business
  • Effective performance analysis with rich reports

FinnOne Neo Working Capital funding strategies

FinnOne Neo offers high performance solutions for retail auto financing options viz loans, leases and fleet finances. The product suite offers modules starting from origination of loans to servicing till the management of delinquent loans. It offers front to back office and complete product lifecycle management

  • FinnOne Neo CAS automates and manages the complete application processing flow of the working capital loan applications
  • FinnOne Neo LMS supports various functions in the loan life cycle– customer service request like early closure of the loan, partial prepayment of the loan, change of address, etc
  • FinnOne Neo Collections system focuses on tracking and management of delinquent customers. The system manages the entire collections lifecycle – from making soft calls to delinquent customers to tackling hard bucket collections – and includes follow-up on legal cases till final closure, or loan recovery

FinnOne Neo Suite Corporate

FinnOne Neo Corporate suite is a comprehensive loan portfolio management system designed for financial institutions with heavy concentrations in commercial lending. The system has been designed with input from corporate lending experts to provide an efficient, easy to use platform for electronic approval and tracking of loan originations, renewals and modifications, along with day-to-day portfolio management.

FinnOne Neo CAS Corporate tracks commercial bank loans through all stages of the pipeline process. This module is designed to capture the required financial data, analyze it against preset ratios and deliver to the reviewer a comprehensive picture, which leads to a well-informed decision.

Key Features:

  • Setting of Credit Limit and Dealer Limits
  • Facilitates product wise disbursement in multiple tranches
  • Fast turnaround of loan approval
  • Seamless integration with the industry’s best of breed workflow and rule-based engines
  • Integration with the bank’s score cards
  • Interfaces with the bank’s internal Blacklist, Watch list, and external credit agencies
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FinnOne Neo LMS provides the functionality required to manage active loans, verify payment history, schedule debt activities, view all the transactions, manage and schedule loan activities, automatically change loan mechanisms for delinquent accounts, access a variety of interest calculators, manage loan guarantees, follow-up on loan collaterals, set interest calculations (e.g. Actual/365 and 30/360), generate automated and ad hoc reports etc.

Key Features:

  • Repayment of loan through direct receipt or retail adjustments
  • Easy and flexible transaction processing
  • Configuration of accounting entries for various events
  • Calculation of the total exposure amount, principal outstanding amount, excess amount
  • Robust accounting across loans, investors and ownership segments
  • Multiple solutions for payment processing
  • Reduced risk with its tracking of portfolio and relationship exposures
  • Flexible structuring of payment terms to investors and participants
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FinnOne Neo Collections helps in minimizing delinquencies through pro-active reminder notices to reactive collection work. It helps in settlement recording; collection agent’s action planning; ability to store the “promise to pay” information; scripts of Collector’s conversations. This corporate banking solution allows collectors to work from their own customized queues on a very comprehensive collection screen.

Key Features:

  • Ability to track collector performance
  • Provides dunning capability across multiple channels such as reminder Letters, SMS alerts & e-mails
  • Audit trail and history log of all interactions with delinquent customers
  • Supports for re-possession, late collections and collateral / documentation tracking
  • Single unified screen displays comprehensive follow-up information

Business Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced business risk with seamless evaluation for applicants and analysis of financial data
  • Reduced processing time with workflow integrated with application forms, policies and procedures, management control tools, risk analysis and CAM (Credit Appraisal Memo) reports
  • Effective management control in operations and service levels
  • Better reporting capabilities for performance review of loans
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