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Financial Supply Chain Management

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Financial Supply Chain Management

Financial Supply Chain Management is about providing a set of solutions for providing financing to all business entities involved in production of goods and/or products from raw materials stage to end customers. It is seen as a service requirement for corporate due to pressure on cost and working capital efficiency. Pre-Shipment Finance

We design, develop and configure computer hardware and software for banks and other organizations in the financial services industry.

  • FinnAxia


  • Reduced Operating Costs and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Optimizing working capital cost and ensured availability of credit
  • Reduce Business Risk
  • Supports bank to penetrate into Corporate supply chains
Pre-Shipment Finance

Pre-Shipment finance or Purchase Order Financing in FinnAxia helps bank to process credit request against POs that have been raised by bank customers by pre-defined Anchor customers. Such dedicated lines are created by bank for use by suppliers of corporates to ensure availability of required credit for fulfillment of orders. The bank defines the tenor of such loans, interest rates to be applied and other associated conditions like maximum permissible finance percentage availability or recourse.

The system enables bank to disburse credit in small packets for specific purpose from a pre-approved credit line. The recovery/normal repayment of the loans processed by the system is linked to events, like:

  • Purchase Order Financing loan is recovered from disbursements for Invoice Discounting Loan
  • The customer's PO financing loan can be converted to Invoice discounting loan/Factoring when customer raises invoice on Anchor
  • FSCM is used to efficiently integrate with other legacy system of the bank with the objective to optimize availability of finance / Financing mix as per business needs


  • Flexible and parameterized solution
  • Limit definition and management
  • Invoice entry and presentation is online
  • Support for automation of Invoice acceptance / Loan request processes as per configuration
  • Seamless Integration with downstream systems
  • Central information management for visibility, analytics and performance metrics


FinnAxia Global Liquidity Management helps banks enable complete visibility into cash positions for their corporate customers. This results in better utilization of available funds and reduced interest costs through short-term bank borrowings. Liquidity Management helps the bank setup and manage complex cash concentration and pooling structures for automated fund transfer and consolidation within the group.

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