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Lending Analytics

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Lending Analytics

Product Module Overview

With cutting edge statistical and data analysis capabilities, Nucleus Software’s Lending Analytics is a powerful and user-friendly solution enabling informed decision making through data visualization and business insight generation. The solution uses sophisticated predictive scoring models to allow various financial institution stakeholders to create scorecards that span the entire loan management life cycle—from lead generation to collection. The stakeholders may range from business owners and credit risk managers to analysts and marketeers.

Nucleus Software's Lending Analytics solution focuses on the four key tenets of efficient end-to-end loan lifecycle management: 

  • Improved Customer Acquisition: Reach out to the right customers through the right channels with the right products
  • Faster On-boarding: Enhance your customer's experience with faster and more efficient on-boarding process
  • Comprehensive Loan Servicing: Retain your most profitable customers by increasing their Life-cycle value
  • Efficient Delinquency management: Ensure higher recovery rates in all stages of delinquency with lower collection costs


Key Benefits

  • Sophisticated Credit Scoring
    Integrated & ready to use scoring system & short learning curve with Advanced Modelling algorithms
  • Predictive Scoring Models
    Predictive Analytics Modeling based on transactional behavior of customer
  • Increased Collection Effectiveness
    Accurate Collection Score Cards & Resource Optimization
  • Banking Portfolio Analysis
    Identifying loss drivers, Portfolio segmentation
  • Customized  and Interactive Dashboard
    Provide state-of-the art customized dashboards on Performance metrics, Collection metrics & Strategy tracking
  • Increased Marketing Effectiveness
    Identification of the target segments & optimal channels

Key Features

  • Predictive Modelling &  Sophisticated Algorithms
  • Scorecards & Strategy Map
  • Interactive Decision Engine
  • Cloud Ready
  • Interactive Reports & Data Visualization
  • Hybrid Implementation/Support Approach
  • Modern GUI

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Technical HighLights

Nucleus Lending Analytics is a web based system that has been developed for easy and streamlined growth of the bank in the long term. The solution enables seamless integration and consolidation of data from multiple host systems to perform all the three key functions i.e. build, deploy, and monitor on a single platform. Lending Analytics uses Java and Java based technologies and can be deployed using a variety of application server, hardware, and operating system platforms. Some of the main advantages are:

  • Responsive User Interface: Smart, modern and responsive for best view
  • Security: System has a comprehensive set of security features
  • Controllers: Controllers are light weight with an additional layer of essential validation; they access the underlying business services to perform business operations

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