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Product Installations across 51+ countries

Industries We Serve


A history of innovation

Since 1989 Nucleus Software has worked with some of the world’s most innovative financial services companies. Over that period the finance industry has undergone massive change driven by product innovation, technology, increasing customer sophistication, regulation and economic growth. Our solutions have always kept pace, helping our customers to serve the ever growing demands of their customers. That deep knowledge and experience is built into the solutions which more than 150 organizations in 50 countries rely on today to power their lending and transaction banking businesses.

A history of results

Every day in 50 countries more than 150,000 people use our solutions to serve millions of customers. Every day the world’s most innovative companies rely on Nucleus Software to help them achieve their business goals. Whether it is handling growing loan portfolios or reducing levels of non-performing loans, reducing loan approval times or unlocking trapped cash across borders our customers have gained measurable business benefits fast. Basis the solutions we provide, our customers have won awards, including; model bank awards, technology implementation awards and process excellence awards.

Next generation solutions built on a strong foundation

The lending and transaction banking landscapes are complex and fast moving.
To deliver the products and services customers expect demands a breadth and depth of functional coverage – breadth because customers have wide ranging needs - from simple overdrafts to complex leasing agreements, and depth because even the simplest overdraft is becoming increasingly complex. In transaction banking, the challenge of gaining the visibility corporate treasurers need amid rising levels of volatility is making a difficult problem even more complex.

As customers become ever more sophisticated their financial services needs evolve – from flexible repayment schedules to the channels they use. The need for rapid product innovation combined with fast-changing technology places increasing demands on the underlying infrastructure.

To address these requires a new generation of solutions, built using the latest technologies, designed for the internet and mobile era, supporting constant innovation and allowing the adoption of new technologies and channels as the market demands them.

Nucleus Software's FinnOne Neo is the next-generation lending solution built on the Neutrino framework, a unique, advanced technology platform which allows us to support on-going change as customers demand it. The solution handles the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from initial contact with customers and helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing and sophisticated delinquency management. With implementations across 50 countries, FinnOne 10 time winner - world’s best-selling lending solution. Nucleus FinnOne provides you with everything you need to shape the future of lending across Retail, Corporate and Islamic sectors.

FinnAxia, our comprehensive transaction banking solution, is also built on the Neutrino framework. FinnAxia handles the demanding requirements of cash management between the bank and the corporate customers, by providing a seamless, secure and transparent transactional eco-system. Used across 22 countries and processing 9.2 million transactions a day, it offers truly world class capabilities developed from years of experience in the sector. Nucleus Finn Axia enables you to deliver the integrated transaction banking products and services your customers expect across Receivables, Payments, Liquidity Management and Financial supply chain management .

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